EDUxEDU project – be educated so as to educate – is an  international training project for educators  promoted by the Focolare Movement in partnership with the Sophia University Institute (Incisa Val d’Arno) and the LUMSA University (Rome). Various educational agencies are collaborating, constantly engagedin the promotion, enhancement and support of a culture of childhood and adolescence in different contexts such as the family, school, parish, sport, social groupings, publishing, etc.

Networking is an essential foundation with which to best support children and young people in their process of human and spiritual growth. It is the main driving force of the training program. Through EduxEdu project educators can get involved,  share experiences and educational initiatives.


EDUXEDU project is aimed at:

  • young people and adults  who accompany children and young people in various educational contexts (family, school, parish, associations, etc.), or who wish to do so.
  • all educators  committed, either as volunteers or as professionals, as parents, teachers, animators, catechists, coaches, and work as  a team to see the possibility of rebuilding a new educational “pact” and to promote as many synergies as possible.
  • small interested groups from the same local area. Starting from the material offered in this platform and through synergy and teamwork they can improve the quality of educational proposals. The group represents an indispensable workshop for  learning and creativity, which enhances and supports the daily commitment of each participant in their field of action.
  • the community  present in a local area since the commitment of the individual or the single family is no longer enough. Through greater awareness and a more active involvement, an “educating community” can be developed, a training context par excellence for the growth of all its members.

There is a need for many people to prepare adequately for the educational challenges that face us today. This is a personal growth path that employs  mind  ,  heart  and   hands  and to meet three main needs:

  • To acquire multidisciplinary knowledge,  to discover and understand the potential, needs and vulnerability of children and young people today
  • To strengthen essential attitudes for an educator  that can promote a quality educational relationship, such as empathy, witness, responsibility, trust, reciprocity, donation, acceptance, etc.
  • To experience methods, techniques and tools  that foster an effective accompaniment and an engaging relationship with children and young people

The training program is the result of the dialogue between scientific reflection, best practices and educational experiences shared by the participants, who have drawn from the pedagogy of communion  born from the Charism of Unity of Chiara Lubich.

If you sign up, you can access  a reserved area and become a member of a worldwide community  and so become active co-builders of the project by sharing content, experiences, questions.

The cultural and geographical variety  is an added value for the pedagogical and personal training of each participant and of the whole community.


To raise a child you need a village”  says an African proverb.
The educational community is a “relational and social space” for the experience and growth for children and young people, where educators work together towards common goals.
Eduxedu-project aims to:

  • Support the educational team at local level by offering psychoeducational knowledge and tools through participatory methodologies.
  • Encourage sharing of ” best practices  ” and dialogue between the various communities, both locally and internationally.
  • Promote a new perspective of childhood and adolescence in which children and young people are no longer the object but subject of educational processes  , not only bearers of needs and vulnerability but active co-builders of personal relationships and social initiatives. Through their particular wisdom, sensitivity, creativity and protagonism, they represent an essential contribution to the growth of society.

The community can thus:

  • Support the fulfilment of the child and the teenager according to one integral development  and foster in them the ability to be in relationship with themselves, with others and in relationship with God.
  • Promote among children and teens fraternity workshops  through the acceptance of differences, seen as mutual enrichment, the construction of positive social relationships, respect, inclusion, sharing and the enrichment of the other.
  • The platform  includes two sections dedicated to childhood and adolescence, organized in training modules to be carried out preferably in small groups. In addition to the videos of the experts and the educational activities, the educators put themselves to the test by experimenting with what they have learnt.
  • The local training schools, projects and educational experiences  developed in the different local areas – born from the initiatives of the participants – will widen and enrich what  the platform has to offer.
  • The international training school every three years aims to offer a rich space for in-depth study and dialogue on topics of greater relevance and develop future perspecties.

This particular process of reciprocity between local and global represents the innovative element of the EDUxEDU-project.